Camping Activities for Kids

21 FUN Camping Activities for Kids

Camping Activities for Kids

Camping can certainly be fun, there is nothing quite like going into the wilds and just inhaling the beauty through your eyes. Feeling the cold forest air on your skin, the frustration of setting camp is soon forgotten.

The excitement that seeps through every inch of nature is sure to stimulate even the most introverted people. What makes a campfire even warmer are the laughs and smiles of children.

However, kids are harder to amuse than adults and tend to get bored fairly easily. Luckily we have 22 fun camping activities for your kids that are sure to liven up the campsite.

1. Camp Olympics

A family-wide event that challenges athleticism, academic knowledge, and discipline. It is sure to soothe even the most competitive of spirits and the most curious. It’s also great for your child’s health, as physical activity has been scientifically proven to contribute to a child’s mental state, as well as physical health. See the games.

2. Elves, Giants, and Wizards

Elves, Giants, and Wizards

A creative fantasy twist on rock, paper, scissors which allows your child to boost their strategic thinking as well as presenting a fun way to solve a familial dispute. How to play.

3. Going for nature walks

Going for nature walks

It’s quite obvious, but effective. A child’s curious mind is sure to be stimulated by all the wonder that surrounds it. Of course, if your kids prefer a more focused, game-like approach we have a list of fun activities you can do during the walks themselves. See it here.

4. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Like a regular scavenger hunt, just with the freedom and variety of the great outdoors. It also adds much more places to hide things in, which can make the simple, old-time game an absolute blast to play with your children. Via.

5. Shadowing


Shadowing is a form of reverse hide and seek, where every player tries to find one. It’s much more challenging and also tends to end quicker, it’s great fun to play and kids seem to really love it.

6. Park Ranger

Park Ranger

It is another variation of the game tag, except that it adds a twist to it featuring animals and boundaries. It is amazingly fun, adding on the animal element lets your child connect with nature more. Rules.

7. Glowing ring toss

Glowing ring toss

Kids like things that glow and throwing them. Feels just like home, this makes kids very excited to play and also tires them out in time for bed.

8. Learning how to build campfires

Learning how to build campfires

It is a fun productive activity as it teaches the kid a useful skill that it may use at some point in their lives. It is also exciting to know that you can do that, so the child will be awed and proud of itself. See how.

9. Bouldering

Cliffside climbing

Though it might sound dangerous, with proper equipment and proper assessment it can be as safe as finger painting. This is good for the kids’ physical development and their adventurous spirit. Guide.

10. Fishing


Fishing works towards improving motor skills, it is a fun and healthy activity, during which the child can learn about the fine workings of nature and possibly develop a hobby. It also has food as an added bonus, as if your child does well, you may be having fish for dinner! Guide.

11. Looking at the stars

Looking at the stars

The universe is equally as immersive to kids it is to astrologists. It is a completely different world and they are going to absolutely love every second of making maps and finding stars. See how.

12. Catching Fireflies

It is way harder than it seems. They are quick fliers and catching them will practically tier the kids into nice dreams of lights and laughter. It’s also a fun game for adults, as it’s more challenging than it looks, give it a try!

13. Making shadow puppets

Making Shadow puppets

Making shadow puppets is an activity where a child can express their creativity. During the night, in the shadowy ambiance you can make some impressive figures. This is bound to entertain your child greatly. Via.

14. Making s’mores

Making s’mores

S’mores are a classic road trip/ campfire snack that is sure to make for a good time, both while preparing and while eating. It is always represented as a camp side dish in movies and with reason because it has all the sugar to keep kids awake for some stories. Via.

15. Animal watching

Animal watching

Looking for more friends native to the wilderness can be an adventure, quite a big one to a child that is just discovering everything. Seeing a rabbit run by or little birds in a nest put smiles on faces. If you live in a more exotic area, the encounters can be even more exciting. Via.

16. Cooking over the campfire

As we all know, kids love to help around the house, especially when it comes to cooking chores. You can expect them to fall in love with these delicious recipes, as they are both delicious and fun to make. They’re not too complex either, so you won’t be risking your child’s safety at all. See the recipes.

17. Campfire songs

Campfire songs

Singing is an amazing way to let out in nature where nobody is bothered by noise. It is a fun collective activity where everyone can bond. List.

18. Flashlight tag

flashlight tag

Flashlight tag is a fun way to expend energy and explore the surroundings. It is a clever twist on the popular game ( Tag ) in which the goal is to point a flashlight at those you are trying to catch. See how to play.

19. Cards and Board Games

Cards and Board Games

This is a fun activity, in campsite or not. Games like Monopoly, Settlers of Catan and the like, are a great pastime. No kid would dislike playing games and most love them, as they are a great way to exercise imagination and team building. They also don’t require you to move around much, which is great if you’re tired. Via.

20. Making leaf prints

Making leaf prints

Leaf prints are a nice and colorful way to decorate your fridge. They are easy to make, requiring only a few steps. However, despite their simplicity, kids just love them, and a lot at that. There’s just something about a simple leaf imprint on paper that gets a kid’s imagination going haywire.

21. Telling stories

Telling stories

Late at night, it is nice to warm the atmosphere up with songs and stories. Scary stories can make blankets way warmer and safer. But some can be a bit too much for kids. Fear not because we have kid-friendly scary stories for you.