Humminbird 999ci HD si reviews

Humminbird 999ci HD SI Review


Humminbird 999ci HD si fish finder is one of the modern inventions that have transformed fishing into an adventure. It is specially equipped with the latest mapping features that give complete assurance of tremendous results.

You could be wondering why Humminbird 999ci HD si fish finder is singled out as the best product in the current market. Well, the best way to explain that is to walk you through its stunning specifications and features.

Technical detail and specification

Humminbird 999ci HD si fish finder lets enjoy the beauty of having your GPS and sonar integrated together in one very powerful device.

GPS and sonar images are effectively displayed by a large high definition screen of the device. Full colure images are displayed with the clarity of 480V x 800H pixel.

Accurate and clear detail of a section of either side of your boat can be revealed through side imaging that displays a full 240-ft image.

Humminbird 999ci HD si fish finder has features that help in the location and targeting of fish that is as far as 1,500 Ft. This is made possible by the application of switch sonar that aids in the fast identification of structure and cover with down imaging.

45 routes and up to 2,500 waypoints can be programmed by an internal GPS.

Excellent and clear viewing is delivered by the Humminbird 999ci HD si screen that is 16:9 LCD. You can be able to view images over the screen even there is sunlight.

  • A 200/83/455/800/50 kHz Sonora standard frequency
  • 780 mAH power draw
  • GPS chart plotting is an important feature contained or mounted in the fish finder.
  • A total of 180-degree HD Sonora side imaging coverage.
  • 1000 watts RMS is the amount of power output of the fish finder.
  • 8000 watts peak to peak power output is also contained in the fish finder
  • 2.5m target separation. This margin is useful, helps fishermen stay focused and not confused by the clutter of images.
  • GPS speed is included in fish finder.
  • Optional 360 imaging and HD Radar
  • 10-20 VDC power input
  • 2,750,45,50/20,000 routes, waypoints, and tracks are also available in the fish finder.

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  • High-density display screen that is convenient for reading in any lighting situation either during the day when there is a scorching sun or night.
  • A greater view and focus of the surrounding is made possible by combination of many screens.
  • Perfect detection and accuracy in pinpointing fish in the water is another excellent capability through its 180-degree powerful sonar sensor.
  • Easy tracking of fishing grounds is an advantage of the inbuilt GPS technology. It is also very useful as it can help locate where you are when you go for your fishing adventure.
  • It has expansion slots for SD cards that allow you save a lot of information from your adventures.

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  • The battery life of the fish finder is very short. The battery can only allow to operate for a maximum of two hours. This is quite an inconvenience because it cuts short your adventure. Alternatively, it requires you to have power backup solution which is added cost.
  • In terms of cost, the Humminbird 999ci HD si goes for a higher price compared to other fish finders. This is a disadvantage to most people who can’t afford it.
  • The circuitry functions of the Humminbird 999ci HD si are criticized by most customers.



Wireless transducer

It comes with a wireless transducer that is wireless and has a dongle that is easy to install. All you need to do is pair the transducer with the Bluetooth of the fish finder after you have properly plugged it to the unit.

Bluetooth remote

Humminbird 999ci HD si Bluetooth remote helps control and manipulate functions of the fish finder. The remote offers an amazing experience it does not require you to struggle can do everything with just a simple press of buttons.

The remote allows you to zoom in and out, make adjustments on the sonar, fly and toggle through some custom views you like. Each key has a long press and short presses function.

This helps you customize or refine your fishing style by helping customize the capability of the remote. For example, you can program the unit to create i-pilot link Spot-lock or program it to turn on off by just long pressing the mark button.


A conveniently large 8-inch screen display is provided by the fish finder. The screen is impressively bright and has been made in such a way that it does not have any effects of the eyes of its users.

The screen has been made in such a way that people are not limited by time, they can go for fishing any time they feel like doing so.

The comfortable inbuilt features of the screen make it conveniently possible to fish in extreme sunlight or even at night.

The screen displays real time pictures and the clarity of the images is highly impeccable and this making fishing easy since you can see the type of fish and the size of the fish you are catching.

The screen also has 16:9 ratios which are recognized to be one of the best worldwide. Apart from the ratio, the screen has 480x 800 screen resolution. With the multi- display capability of the screen, you can be able to focus on many targets at once.

Search range

Humminbird 999ci HD si fish finder has a remarkable range. It’s integrated with a powerful remote sonar sensor that is highly advanced. This is a revolutionary tool that offers super large coverage that is two times more than the actual depth of water.

Sonar Sensor has other functions like side imaging and down imaging. Down imaging is used to sense fish in water in that it helps and making fishing more convenient and easy. It can sense fish that is as far as 1,500 feet. But that is the furthest it can go at the moment.

Side imaging covers about 240 feet on each side of the boat. This functionality allows you to detect Structures underneath the boat.


Recently most fishing innovations that are being introduced are making great use of GPS. A GPS system is been integrated into almost all fishing devices. A GPS unit that is highly advanced has been fitted in this fish finder.

A completely detailed locational map is provided by the advanced GPS. It gives useful information about the rivers, inland lakes and coastal regions in the area or country you are in.

This is important information that one needs to gather before embarking on a fishing tour. You need to know the best places that can offer the kind of fishing adventure you could be interested in. The GPS system integrated into the Humminbird 999ci HD si does all that for you.

The GPS also offers the benefit of a contourXD mapping and a chart plotter.

Lightweight and compact design

Up to this point, you should be having questions about the size of the device. Humminbird 999ci HD si fish finder is a compact model with a weight of about 2 pounds only.

This makes it the most portable device for finding fish in the current market. 14x12x5 inches is the overall size. Therefore the fish finder is completely convenient for carrying around especially for long distance travels. Again it takes up or requires a very small space.

Humminbird HELIX 9 SI vs Humminbird HELIX 10

Humminbird helix 9 and 10 are the latest fishing models in the market, taking over from the previous models 800 and 900.

Different versions of the same product and brands almost tend to have similar capabilities and features especially if they are immediate successors of each other. However, a recent model is always a little bit more advanced than the previous one in terms of performance and newly added features.

Humminbird helix 10 has advanced features which are just slight adjustments of the features in Humminbird helix 9 fish finder.

Some of the newly enhanced in Humminbird helix 10 include:

New graphics

Humminbird helix 10 has an updated graphic menu. This change has not affected the individual menu everything else has remained the same like the water level offsite and the depth highlight are still there.

A new appearance

Humminbird helix 10 entered the market with a new body that is totally different from the body of helix 9. Glass fonts on the edges have been introduced to redesign the plastic body. It has a bonded glass display that gives it some feeling of quality and heft.

Amazing 10.1 screen display

Humminbird helix 9 has a screen display of 8″ while helix 10 comes with a new and larger screen display of 10.1″. Helix 10 has a wider view and more pixel. The data boxes row initially in helix 9 has been removed in helix 10 that is why the screen is bigger.

New cable connectors

The new cable connector of helix 10 has convenient spring latches that are easily removable from the socket. Helix 10 only has one cable connector.

Heavy duty cover

Humminbird helix 10 has a wonderful unit cover. The new cover is made of neoprene material that is heavy duty. The unit fits perfectly in the cover just like a glove. The cover has not flown off like other plastic covers that were used before.

Smooth scrolling

Scrolling in the helix 10 is smoother compared to the scrolling in helix 10.

12 imaging color palettes

Helix 10 comes with over 12 new palettes that you can use. They are very beautiful but others appear a bit dim.

Auto chart live

Auto chart live is a new feature integrated into humminbird helix 10. It has a large memory that allows you to save and record eight hours of mapping. It offers accurate map location of any area. All you need is search and the results will be delivered to you.

Smart Strike

Helix 10 and 9 will be smart strike compatible very soon. Smart Strike has to contour Elite software as an added functionality. The other lake maps it has been just the same as the ones in Lake master cards. The software is able to scan the map of the lake by just entering some conditions and variables.

Generally, helix 10 is the better and improved version of helix 9. It has new remarkably effective features that make fishing a bit more interesting and convenient that helix 9.