Garmin STRIKER 4cv review

Garmin STRIKER 4cv Review

Garmin STRIKER 4cv is a modern fish finder that has revolutionized fishing methods by adding some unique touches of precision, accuracy, and efficiency. It got excellent features with impressive capabilities that transform fishing into an amazing experience.

Technical detail and specification

  • The 3.5-inch diagonal screen, resolution of 480×320 pixels. This size is very convenient for carrying around and also it takes up very little space
  • High sensitivity GPS is a built-in feature in the unit
  • Dimensions are 3.5/8 width x 5.7/8 height
  • Has a vertical display shape
  • The scaling graphics are smooth that help avoids any interruptions in the image view when you want to switch scale ranges of your depth
  • GT20 Garmin transducer with 77/200 kHz CHIRP
  • 455/800k Hz CHIRP Clear view with 500 W power
  • Power transmission capability of 300W RMS, 2400 peak to peak
  • Flasher as another built-in feature
  • The screen displays the speed of data.
  • Sonar split screen zoom functions
  • Unique symbol ID that helps show the target clearly
  • A-Scope which give real-time images of fish moving towards the transducer beam
  • Temperature sensors that help detect water temperature
  • A depth line that is adjustable which helps show how deep the fish are in the water
  • AutoGain feature that helps reduce target clutter on the screen
  • Tilt mount
  • Sonar has water temperature graph and log
  • Depth capability of 1,750 on salt water and 830 in fresh water
  • Garmin STRIKER has a weight of 230g
  • HVGA display type
  • IPx7 water rating



STRIKER 4CV has a built-in 777/200 kHz Garmin CHIRP transducer. The CHIRP provides more clarity that is of a higher level compared to other transducers that were developed in the past.

The CHIRP sends a continuous flow of frequency starting from high frequency to low instead of transmitting a single frequency. A wide range of information is provided by the frequency. Garmin STRIKER 4cv interprets the frequencies once they return back.

The CHIRP can form fish arches that are crisper and offer target separation to a significant extent. This is meant to increase clarity of the target when fishing. This helps solve the issue of target clutter, therefore, enabling the user to focus effectively on the target of their chose giving maximum output.


The sonar has scanning capabilities that provide you with precise and clear images of the fish underneath the boat. You can clearly see submerged objects, fish, and structure.

The sonar has split zoom functionality that gives the user a convenient viewing of the target and structure. You can enlarge the images to get a good look at the object and reduce the size of the object on the screen.

Screen Display

Garmin STRIKER 4cv has a high-density diagonal screen display of 3.5 inches. The screen is specially designed for convenient viewing anytime you chose to go for fishing either at night or during the day in the scorching sun. This is a convenient feature of the screen as it is lenient on the user’s eyes and does not limit your activities to a specific time.

The screen has a resolution of 480×320 pixels. Clear images are displayed on the screen which facilitates focused targeting of the fish. Users need not worry about spoiling the unit in case it falls in the water or splashes of water gets to it. The screen is built to be resilient to all these factors as the material used is waterproof and tight enough that it cannot allow any water getting or passing through it.


Hiding spots of the fish are recorded by the GPS so that in future you can use the information if you intend on returning there again. This is a very useful feature that helps make your fishing more manageable and saves you a lot of time.

The GPS allows you to mark special features on the lake, for example, you can mark boat ramps, docks and other useful places in the lake. This helps develop a visible and useful roadmap that you can use to go back after you have enough for the day.

Waypoint maps

Easy navigation in the lake is made possible through the availability of waypoints By Garmin technology. The GPS that is very sensitive to save the list allows you see the waypoints and clearly, show where exactly you are. The waypoints that you have marked can be used to navigate other places like stumps, docks and brush piles.

After you marked your favorite joints where there is plenty of fish you can share this information with other echo map TM and Garmin STRIKER. This helps improve the general fishing experience of others. This capability acts like an alert to other people who receive it.

Now you can be able to go for fishing without holding back and limiting yourself from getting lost in the lake. Waypoint maps that you record as you fish will help you locate your way back without struggling.

Garmin technology lets you know the amount of speed that you are trolling with. The speed is displayed on the screen which helps to tell if the speed you used is good especially for the species of fish you are targeting to avoid chasing away your target even before you reach to them.

Fish will detect any unusual pressure in the water and take cover to protect their lives. Therefore an appropriate speed limit should be applied to avoid having a fruitless day. Garmin STRIKER 4cv makes things easy for you by helping you stay within the appropriate rates for maximum results. This is a unique capability that you can’t expect to find in all fish finders.


Garmin STRIKER 4cv offers you a flasher and a fish finder all in one unit. The flasher that is a built-in feature of Garmin helps show you how the bottom looks like the weather is muddy, solid, weighted bait or your jig and also show you how deep the fish are as they move towards the sonar beam. You can see if the fish are swimming towards your gig and how high or low the gig is being pulled up and dropped.

You can be able to carry your fish finder anywhere you wish through the help of a well-designed portable kit. This makes fishing at the kayak, ice and canoe perfect. Your fishing adventure is not limited to any particular destination you can explore to the fullest. The kit includes a battery that is rechargeable with charger, transducer cable that is built-in, suction cup transducer float and mounts.

Garmin STRIKER 4cv VS Garmin STRIKER 5cv

Updated versions of any technology always have improved functionality and features compared to their previous versions. Garmin striker 5cv has a screen display of width 800 pixels and height of 480 pixels while Garmin 4cv has 480×320 pixels. The sonar of Garmin 5cv operates at 3 frequencies while 4cv transmits a continuous flow of frequency. Striker 5cv comes with an upgradable transducer of GT20-TM.

Garmin STRIKER 4cv VS Garmin STRIKER 7cv

Garmin Striker 7cv come with a GT52HW-TM transducer fully packed while 4cv comes with GT20-TM transducer. 7cv has a wider screen of 800×480 pixels. 7cv has a more efficient target separation mode which is efficient enough for focusing on object compared to the separation capability of 4cv.