Chacos Z1 vs. Z2
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Chacos Z1 vs. Z2 [Compared]

Chaco offers a range of top-quality sandals for those who always prefer comfort over any other footwear feature. However, it is not easy to decide which pair is good for your use, especially when you stumble upon online Chacos z1 vs. z2 debates.

Hopefully, this review piece will settle this debate once and for all. Before we start our comparative review of these Chacos, we would like to say straight from the shoulder that z2 has a slight edge over z1.

Nonetheless, you must have complete info on both these sandals to make your own opinion. You’ll find all that useful information in this post.

Chacos z1 vs. z2: A Snapshot

Chaco is a renowned footwear brand best known for its outdoor sandals. It has been operating for over 30 years and has introduced many “Chacos” in this period. Chaco z1 and z2 are two of the most popular Chacos on the block right now due to their perfect blending of comfort, durability, and style.



Chaco Z1

Chaco Men's Z1 Classic Sandal

Chaco Z2

Chaco Mens Z/2 Classic, With Toe Loop, Outdoor Sandal,...

Outsole ChacoGrip (MegaGrip rubber) ChacoGrip (MegaGrip rubber)
Upper Polyester jacquard Polyester jacquard
Toe Loop Present
Color 28 10

Chacos z1 Pros & Cons

Chaco Men's Z1 Classic Sandal


  • Boasts great traction
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Offers better feet mobility
  • Offers a lot of variety


  • Not ideal for weight oriented activities
  • Might take time to break-in

Chacos z2 Pros & Cons

Chaco Mens Z/2 Classic, With Toe Loop, Outdoor Sandal,...


  • Boasts a secure fit with great traction
  • Features contouring midsole
  • Toe loop can be collapsed— wear it like z1
  • Fewer chances of stones and pebbles getting wedged underfoot


  • Perfect adjustment of z-trap and toe loop can be tricky
  • Might cause light blistering at the beginning

Face to Face Comparison

The above section has given you a short and sweet overview of the two Chaco sandals. For a detailed comparison, let’s put Chacos z1 and z2 side by side for different features.


Both Chaco z1 and z2 sandals feature the company’s Classic Pro Series soles made of Vibram’s MegaGrip rubber. Vibram is an Italian company and OEM of various branded outsoles for different types of shoes. Its MegaGrip outsoles are made of high-performance rubber compounds to ensure an equally good grip on wet and dry terrain.

Moreover, the midsole of both sandals features Chaco’s patented polyurethane variant LUVSEAT. Uppers and loops of z1 and z2 are also made of the same material, i.e., polyester jacquard.

Verdict: Both Chacos z1 and z2 fare equally well when it comes to material.


At first glance, you might not be able to tell the difference between Chaco z1 and z2. The uppers on both sandals have the same material, style, and positioning. At a closer look, you can differentiate z1 from z2 by its slightly elevated sole from the front.

However, the design element that truly sets apart the two sandals is the toe loop of Chaco z2. This loop doesn’t just add to the design profile but also ensures your toes remain in one position and close to your feet. This toe loop might also come in handy in water sports by preventing the sandal from lifting from the front.

Verdict: Even though both Chacos boast simple, no-nonsense design, the toe loop of z2 makes it the winner of this round.

Arch and Foot Support

As mentioned earlier, both Chaco sandals feature PU midsole. The thick polyurethane midsole is great for shock absorbance and hence offers effective arch support.

Also, the manufacturer has kept these sandals thick in the middle so that they can fully contour the arch. This well-thought-out material selection and construction means you can use those sandals for long hours without straining your arches.

The overall foot support of both sandals is also more or less the same. However, you can hold your feet together and tight in z2 sandals courtesy of their toe loops.

Verdict: Both Chacos are equally good with arch and foot support. However, z2 gets an extra point for its toe loop.

Comfort Quotient

For many people, the entire point of buying sandals is to get walking comfort outdoors. Chaco has taken care of that important attribute in both of its sandals.

The minimalistic uppers, rubber sole, contoured construction— all these things ensure that you can wear these sandals in all sorts of outdoor conditions without getting blisters.

Verdict: You will find both Chacos on an equal footing when it comes to wearing comfort.


A good pair of sandals boast a firm grip on all sorts of surfaces. Chaco z1 and z2 offer great traction with their sticky MegaGrip outsoles featuring 3.5mm deep lugs.

Moreover, this deep grip is non-marking, which means the sandals don’t scuff and create black marks on indoor floors.

Verdict: It is another tie between Chaco z1 and z2.

Standout Features

Before we wrap up our comparison review of Chacos z1 vs. z2, we’d like to outline some standout features of these top-notch sandals.

  • Minimalistic Design: Both Chaco z1 and z2 boast a no-frill design that is still easy on the eyes. The clean and minimal finish of the sandals keeps them lightweight and easy to wear.
  • Odor Control: Odor is a legitimate concern for many people when wearing shoes for extended periods. Chaco has taken care of this nuisance by using antimicrobial agents in the construction of both z1 and z2 sandals.
  • Variety of Color and Finish: Chaco z1 comes in 28 different finishes featuring uppers and soles in different colors and patterns.


We hope that the above comparative discussion helps you identify the most suitable (and comfortable) sandals for your outdoor use.

This Chaco z1 vs. z2 competition was undoubtedly too close to call. Nonetheless, we think Chaco z2 is slightly ahead with its toe loop.

All in all, both Chacos are great options, and you can pick either of them for different reasons.

Pick Chaco z1 if:

  • You want great value for money since it lies at a relatively lower price point.
  • You want more color and design variety.

Pick Chaco z2 if:

  • You want a secure fit with a combination of adjustable z-strap and toe loop.
  • You don’t want to get spoiled for color and design options.

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