Carlson Pet Products Red Portable Pup Pet Bed Review

Carlson Pet Indoor or Outdoor Pet Bed Review

Final Verdict
This portable bed might be the perfect choice for people who travel or go camping a lot. The dogs could comfortably sit in his own bed everywhere you go.
What We Like
Pliable and portable
Light weighted
Not So Much
Smaller for a bigger dog.
Too high for an older dog
Non-removable cover
Carlson Pet Products Carlson Elevated Dog Bed, Indoor or...
  • Fold and go design
  • Elevated pet bed is easy on joints
  • Compact design perfect for on the go comfort
  • 47 inches long by 24.5 inches wide by 7 inches tall
  • Great from medium to large breeds up to 95 pounds

Who is it for?

The Carlson portable pet bed is designed for all of us who want to take our dog’s comfort to another level. And we can do that literally and figuratively with this bet. Its elevated features make it a really comfortable bed and this might put an end to our dogs sitting in the dirt.

The fact that is elevated could be a really huge change for your dog, especially during summertime. In this way, your dogs can enjoy summer without having to sit on the hot ground.

This product is pliable which is a great feature for when we want to travel with our fluffy buddy. No matter whether you want to travel to another country or go to a dog park or simply use it for your backyard.

Another amazing characteristic is its lightweight and carrying case, which can be so useful when you are hiking with your dog. Knowing about the Portable Pup Bed would have been helpful last year when I went camping with my family and my dog slept on the ground and some ticks bit him.

It was also very hot during that trip and my dog couldn’t rest properly. The portable bed might be a great choice for when you want a practical bed that can be used for outside and inside as well.

If it’s important for you that your dog stays happy and comfortable then this might be a really good choice. I really appreciate the portable feature considering I travel and hike often and I do love to take my dog with me o matter where I go.

Material & Construction

Carlson Pet Products Carlson Elevated Dog Bed, Indoor or...

The Portable Pup Bed is made out of durable and sturdy material which is wonderful because we know dogs tend to be active pets and they need a strong bed on which to sit. This might be a great choice for medium to large breeds up to 95 pounds.

The portable bed it’s constructed in such a way that whenever you decide to put it away, you can do just that because of its pliable feature. That is another cool thing about this bet and when you use it indoors you could put it in your closet while you are cleaning or while your dog is playing outside.


This pup bed is 47-inch wide, 24.5-inch long, and 7-inch tall weighs 5 pounds, and comes in the color red. It also has a carrying case.

This is ‘ PuppyInTraining’ Youtube Channel which uses the Carlson Pet Products Red Portable Pup Pet Bed to show us how to teach our dogs to ‘got to bed’, and you can see more about it in this short video:

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