Aero Inflatable Beach Chair Review — Practical and Affordable

Aero Inflatable Chair Review — Practical and Affordable

Final Verdict
Beach chairs are considered lifesavers to those who aren't fond of getting the beach's sand on their bodies. And what's better than the inflatable ones? We recommend this chair for anyone looking for easy portability and preparation.
What We Like
Portable and easy to store
Doesn’t sink to the ground
Easily constructed and deconstructed
Not So Much
Has a rigid back
The back can collapse
Doesn’t include an attachment area
BOTE Aero Inflatable Beach Chair Folding Air Chair for...
  • Meet the most portable, compact, lightweight, comfortable chair around - the patented Aero Chair.
  • Inflated Dimensions: 20.5″ H × 25″ W × 23.5″ D
  • Capacity: 225 LBS
  • Avg. Weight: 7 LBS

Who Is it for?

If you’re looking for an inflatable camping chair that can withstand weight without faltering, then the Aero inflatable would be a good choice. Not only can this chair hold up to 225 lbs, but it also consists of robust textile that maintains its level off of the ground.

This beach chair would come in handy during a boat trip. You can set up the beach chair on the boat’s deck and enjoy the marvelous view. In addition, you can attach the Aero inflatable to the rear end of the boat and relish the joys of parasailing (minus the parachute).

However, if you need a beach chair with a back recliner, this might not be the optimal model. The Aero inflatable doesn’t allow you to change or adjust your posture on the chair, so it might be a bit uncomfortable to sit on this chair for long periods.

Materials & Construction

BOTE Aero Inflatable Beach Chair Folding Air Chair for...

The Aero inflatable is made from a type of synthetic fiber called Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC for short. This kind of fiber is known for its strength and ability to withstand great amounts of pressure.

The inside of the Aero inflatable is completely made of rigid PVC cover. The upper and bottom base is also made of the same material. The cover protects the beach chair from getting damaged by bumpy particles, such as rough sand or gravel.

Inflation & Deflation

Moreover, the Aero beach chair includes an inflating valve found at the bottom of the beach chair. It comes with a foot pump that’s used to inflate the chair with a couple of blows. You can use a regular hand pump as well.

Portability and Storage

Fortunately, the lightness of the Aero inflatable both the portability and storage of the chair. Thanks to its deflating nature, the chair can be stored anywhere with ease. It doesn’t take up much space either.

Whether you were going camping, on a sea trip, or attending a bonfire, you can carry the Aero chair with you. After all, it doesn’t exceed 7 lbs in weight, enabling you to transport it with ease.


● Weight Capacity: 225 lbs (9.97 kg)
● Weight of Product: 7 lbs
● Aerated Dimensions (H×W×D): 20.5″×25″×23.5″
● Folded Dimensions (H×W×D): 25″×10″× 8″


The Aero inflatable beach chair is a sturdy chair that you can rely on for enjoying a day on the beach.

It’s quite simple to set up and dismantle, you won’t have to break a sweat while preparing the chair. This video demonstrates how easy it is to inflate and deflate the chair.

The Aero inflatable is also worth its value for money, giving you the chance to be fond of its performance and what it has to offer.

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