Best Camping Directors Chairs: Product Reviews + Buying Guide
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Best Camping Directors Chairs [Folding & Heavy Duty]

Ready for camping? You have your supplies, your tent, and your sleeping bag. Good for you, but where’s your camping chair?

We’ll take a look at the best camping director chairs and pick our favorite. If you’re in a hurry and wondering about what we chose, then let me tell you ahead. Our pick is *drumrolls* ONIVA – A Picnic Time Brand Fusion Original Design.

This folding director’s chair stands out because it has all the features in one. It’s the only chair on the list that you can carry as a backpack, which will come in handy when you go camping. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the reviews of the top products.

Recommended Camping Directors Chairs

Our Pick: ONIVA Camping Directors Folding Chair

Weight: 12 pounds
Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
Folded Dimensions: 33 x 21 x 7 inches
Unfolded Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 18.5 inches
Seat Height: 16.5 inches

What We Like: Plenty of pockets for almost everything

Not So Much: Heavy and huge when packed

The reason we picked this portable director’s chair as the round winner (Oniva chair full review + video) is all the outstanding features it offers. It’s made of sturdy aluminum and sports an appealing look. The seat and the backrest are ribbed padded for your comfort. The fabric is gray, but the frame can be black, red, or blue.

Speaking of features, this chair packs an array of them; it offers a fold-out side table. Not only a regular one with a cup holder but one with expandable shelves. Those come in handy when you like to chill and have everything you need within an arm’s length.

If you’re relaxing on your comfy chair reading a book, then you fancy something to drink, you can have it in a second. Thanks to the huge detachable insulated cooler, where you can keep all your water and drinks.

The chair comes with straps so that you can easily carry it as a backpack. Another interesting feature that makes up for the chair’s heavyweight when folded.

Furthermore, the backseat comes with built-in loops in the back for attaching an umbrella. A feature that comes in handy on a sunny day.

It has a pocket for your cellphone, too. The chair also comes with a lifetime warranty. However, if you’re looking for a lightweight chair, maybe this chair isn’t the one for you.

Best Seller: Coleman Directors Chair with Side Table

Weight: 7.12 pounds
Weight Capacity: 225 pounds
Folded Dimensions: 31.2 x 21.1 x 8.5 inches
Unfolded Dimensions: 34.5 x 20.9 x 31.1 inches
Seat Height: 17 inches

What We Like: Affordable price

Not So Much: No carrying bag

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, yet reliable chair, this one is for you. This is one of the chairs with the lightest weights on the list. The frame is made of aluminum, and the fabric is made of weather-resistant polyester.

The fabric and the armrest are padded, which makes the chair comfortable. It also comes with a side table and a cup holder so that you can enjoy a meal or a drink while you’re resting.

Moreover, the director’s chair is floor-friendly, thanks to its bar-shaped legs. It comes with a 1-year warranty. The Coleman chair can be suitable to use in your backyard or on the balcony, as well as campgrounds. It’s sturdy and comfy, which makes it a convenient option for older people.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Mesh Chair

Weight: 11.8 pounds
Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
Folded Dimensions: 25 x 4.9 x 34.8 inches
Unfolded Dimensions: 25 x 24 x 34.8 inches
Seat Height: 19.7 inches

What We Like: Rocking chair has a relaxing effect

Not So Much: Cup holder isn’t sturdy enough

A portable director’s chair that rocks! That’s the only chair on our list that rocks. GCI produced the Freestyle Rocker with spring-action rocking technology so that you can sway smoothly in it. You can lean back or sit straight up easily.

In addition to that, the chair has a handle to carry it easily. It might not be the lightest chair to carry, though. It’s floor-friendly as you can use it on any type of ground, thanks to its flat base. Usually, a rocking chair needs a hard flat surface, but not this one. It can rock swiftly anywhere!

You’ll also find a cup holder attached to the front frame, where you can keep your bottle or cellphone, but it’s not strong enough for an open cup as it’s made of fabric. It’s better than no holder at all, though.

Speaking of fabric, the back is made of mesh, which provides breathability. The frame is made of steel, and it’s quite sturdy. This chair is easy to use, as it features EAZY-FOLD technology, to make folding it easier.

If you have a rocking chair at home that you enjoy, then this will be the right camping chair for you.

Kamp-Rite Director’s Chair with Side Table and Cooler

Weight: 14 pounds
Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
Folded Dimensions: 37 x 7 x 22 inches
Unfolded Dimensions: 20 x 34 x 38 inches
Seat Height: 18 inches

What We Like: Sturdy armrests

Not So Much: Heavy and bulky when folded

Kamp-Rite has a very similar design to this chair, minus the cooler. That’s why we love the cooler that it features; it’s big enough to take about 12 cans. The cooler can also be used as a storage area to keep your stuff around the corner.

Moreover, it offers a built-in side table, with an integrated cup holder for your favorite drink.

The chair itself is made of aluminum, and the fabric is polyester with light padding in the backrest for more comfort. Another thing that adds to the comfort is the curved armrest; it’s robust, and it’s padded in foam too.

The chair’s legs are connected with bars to prevent it from sinking in soft terrain. It’s vast and comfy, which makes it suitable for overweight campers.

ALPS Mountaineering Directors Chair

Weight: 11.5 pounds
Weight Capacity: 325 pounds
Folded Dimensions: 25 x 31 inches
Unfolded Dimensions: 25 x 13 x 31 inches
Seat Height: 18 inches

What We Like: Flat when folded

Not So Much: No cup holder

This ALPS Mountaineering director chair is a basic one that gets the job done. The frame is made of durable powder-coated steel, and the fabric is made of polyester to last a lifetime. It features padded armrests to relieve the stress of your upper body.

Furthermore, the legs of the chair are connected with bars to make it floor-friendly. You’ll be able to use it perfectly on any type of terrain, including sandy ones. To fold it, you just pull both sides of the seat upward. We love how it folds flat, which means that storage won’t be a problem.

The only downside is that the chair doesn’t offer a cup holder or even a side table, but then again, you have other chairs for that on the list. This one is simple, and it’s the one for minimalists.

KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Director Chair

Weight: 9.7 pounds
Weight Capacity: 396 pounds
Folded Dimensions: 32.6 x 19.6 x 5.5 inches
Unfolded Dimensions: 34.65 x 9.06 x 7.87 inches
Seat Height: 17.7 inches

What We Like: A removable storage bag with a lot of pockets

Not So Much: The seat isn’t high enough

I think that this one offers the best of both worlds; it packs plenty of features, yet it’s lightweight. The frame is made of rustproof steel for durability. The seat itself is very cozy with a padded seat, backrest, and armrest.

On one side, you’ll find a built-in side table with a cup holder for your beverages. While on the other side, you’ll find a removable storage bag with 4 pockets, one with a zipper for extra safety, and one for your bottle.

Folding the chair is quite easy, and it has carry handles for easier portability. This is a convenient chair if you want a portable director chair, that’s easy to carry without sacrificing all the pockets. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Timber Ridge Laurel Director’s Chair

Weight: 7.3 pounds
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Folded Dimensions: 35.8 x 21.3 x 7.1 inches
Unfolded Dimensions: 25 x 13.8 x 35 inches
Seat Height: 18.5 inches

What We Like: Detachable cooler bag

Not So Much: Needs more fabric at the backrest

This aluminum directors chair has many handy features. The first is a mesh pocket under the seat, where you can keep your cellphone or money safe. Another is that it comes with a side table on one side, and an insulated cooler bag on the other side. Both have cup holders, so you can keep a drink and a water bottle at hand. Talk about a smart design!

It’s worth mentioning that the cooler is huge enough for about 8 cans, and it’s also detachable. So if you like lying down without frequenting the fridge for meals or drinks, this is your chair.

It’s user-friendly. The frame is made of durable aluminum, while the fabrics are polyester that’s easily cleaned. The backrest is padded in foam to make you more comfortable. However, it needs extra fabric.

Timber Ridge Laurel Director’s Chair has a carry handle, and it’s easy to fold. It’s pretty convenient for camping, but you can also use it on the beach or in your garden since the legs are connected with bars that make them suitable for all grounds.

ONIVA Portable Heavy Duty Folding Chair

Weight: 9.5 pounds
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Folded Dimensions: 19 x 4.5 x 33 inches
Unfolded Dimensions: 19 x 24 x 33 inches
Seat Height: 16.5 inches

What We Like: Wide seat

Not So Much: Not so easy to fold

This is the second chair on our list from ONIVA. It’s much lighter than the ONIVA Fusion Original Design, yet it still has its own unique features.

This aluminum directors chair comes with a side table, as well as six pockets. These include one pocket with a zipper to keep your belongings safe, a bottle holder, and an inside magazine pocket. The chair also features a carabiner for your keys.

The two ONIVA chairs share the lifetime warranty, and the loops on the back of the chair to add an umbrella.

Carrying this chair is effortless, thanks to its carry handles and shoulder strap. If you care about looks as much as quality, this chair would be perfect for you, as it comes in different patterns and colors.

Furthermore, the chair’s frame is made of aluminum, and the fabric is made of polyester, which enhances its durability.


How much does a director chair cost?

Prices normally range between $50 and $350. That depends on the material of the chair, its brand, and its features.

A basic foldable chair will cost more if it comes with a side table, a cooler, or any other extras. That being said, you can easily find a nice chair within your budget.

All the directors’ chairs on our list are under $150, and they vary in features. You’ll be able to find a suitable chair at a reasonable price.

Why is it called a director chair?

This is an interesting one. Because it looks like a director’s chair. Okay, but what’s a director chair?

A director chair is a term used to refer to chairs that can be folded, with a frame that looks like scissors, and a fabric that’s made of canvas or another fabric that’s easy to fold.

These chairs got the name because they’re used by movie directors since they’re easy to carry around and move from a location to another while filming.

The origins of the chair go back to the curule chair, in times of the Roman Empire.

Are directors chairs comfortable?

In a word, yes. The scissors-like design of the frame and the durable fabric make the chair comfortable.

This is a type of chair that’s designed to be used for large periods of time, so it should be comfortable enough for that.

If I can use three words only to describe them, I’d say; comfortable, durable, and portable.

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