Best Hammock Brands – Buyer’s Guide

Every camping enthusiast agrees that there’s just no fitting substitute for a hammock. For many years now, hammocks have reformed the camping industry, with many individuals having completely substituted their tents with the hammocks.

According to most camping enthusiasts, hammocks have been a great addition to their hiking trips because they offer an excellent change of pace from resting and sleeping in traditional tents.

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Besides being useful and comfortable, they also provide numerous health and practical benefits. Hammocks reduce stress and muscle pains and make you more adventurous.

Although hammocks have continued to become a favorite asset for campers, backpackers, scouting groups and fishing enthusiast, some individuals find the idea of leaving their tents at home and hiking into the mountains with a hammock a tricky one.

Banked on this and other reasons, I have put together a helpful guide to help in your search for the perfect hammock.

That said, here is my comprehensive list of best hammock brands that will suit all your camping needs.

Brand #1 Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO)

Speaking of the best hammock brands, Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) is one brand that has consistently performed well since its inception. Their exceptional reputation has made them one of the industry’s top manufacturers of packable camping hammocks.

They were the first to come up with parachute hammocks, and have since grown to also include other camping accessories in their line of products. ENO hammocks are widely appreciated for their high level of comfort, portability, and strength.

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ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock


ENO DoubleNest Hammock is the right solution for hikers, campers, backpackers and fishing enthusiasts thanks to its unique design that gives it a right blend of versatility, lightweight, comfort, portability, and durability.

Made from 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta, this hammock has the right strength to support up to 400 pounds, with the interlocking triple-stitching pattern making durability factor more prominent.

By embracing ENO’s parachute nylon design, DoubleNest has become one of the most sought-after hammocks because it’s incredibly breathable, comfortable and versatile enough to be used for hiking, boating, fishing, camping, traveling, back yarning and other outdoor activities.

It comes with Aluminum Wiregate pair of Carabiners and nautical grade line, which are the industry’s best accessories for any camping gear. Together with the stainless-steel snap links, you’re assured of a secure and easy set up on poles, trees or even walls.

The DoubleNest is 9′ 4″ long and 6’2″ wide and weighs 1.45 pounds (19 ounces).

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  • Works well with hammock sleeping pads and mattresses
  • Well-engineered suspension system that combines the aluminum wire-gate carabiners, nautical grade line, and stainless-steel snap links, is the industry’s best
  • The Nylon Taffeta construction makes it strong, durable and ideal for different uses.

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  • Doesn’t come with some necessary accessories such as bug net, rain fly, and straps
  • Poor insulation
  • Its accessories are pretty expensive


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Eagles Nest Outfitters – SingleNest Hammock


This is another addition to ENO’s line of parachute hammocks that has contributed a lot to the hammock industry.

This hammock’s design combines the nautical grade line technology, interlocking triple-stitching, and the exceptional woven nylon engineering to bring a unique sense of comfort and strength to suit several types of outdoor activities.

With the aluminum wire gate carabiners and strong snap links, the SingleNest provides the ultimate way to lounge.

It can comfortably support up to 400 pounds. At a length of 9′ 4″ and width of 4′ 7″, weighing 17 ounces, it’s large enough to accommodate one person comfortably.

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  • Comes in several colors allowing you to select your preferred color options
  • Large enough to accommodate one person comfortably
  • It comes in a stuff sack for travel convenience

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  • Doesn’t come with straps and other important accessories
  • Gets bulky when fly and mosquito nets are included
  • Setting it up has always been a challenge to some individuals


Brand #2 Hennessy Hammock

Having been in the industry for close to two decades. Hennessey Hammock has built an excellent reputation and can only be compared to ENO. As of today, ENO and Hennessy Hammock stand strong as the leading companies in the hammock business.

Their hammocks are slightly expensive when compared to their competitors, but it’s because they include most accessories, as opposed to ENO’s hammocks.

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Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series


This hammock has been created for expeditionists who prefer to have an all-in-one package. It’s comfortable, strong and durable, and comes with integrated mosquito net and rainfly to protect you from storms and bugs.

Made from 210D Oxford nylon fabric with the Rainfly designed using the 70D Polyurethane Coated Polyester Ripstop fabric, the Hennessy hammock has a great assurance of durability and comfort when compared to other models.

The double stitched seam improves its strength as well. It provides enough space to spread out with a listed weight limit of 250 pounds.

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  • An excellent option for beginner campers and backpackers
  • Made of high-quality fabric, making it strong and durable
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories such as the suspension system, rainfly, and mosquito net

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  • It’s expensive
  • Heavy and challenging to set up
  • The weight limit of 250 pounds is so low


Brand #3 Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk has contributed a lot to transform the world of hammocks into one of the world’s most renowned line of specialized merchandises.

Their experience and knowledge have inspired them to create a wide range of outdoor gear such as hammocks at different styles, sizes, and colors.

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Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock


According to many outdoor enthusiasts, Grand Trunk’s hammocks are the best when it comes to “ragged” adventures, and are easy to set up.

The Grand Trunk Ultralight hammock has been designed to fit the company’s line of most comfortable hammocks.

Made from durable polyester with a triple-stitching design, this hammock is strong enough to be used for different outdoor activities. The mildew-resistant, washable material stays clean and strong for years.

It weighs 12 ounces, and it’s large and strong enough to comfortably accommodate a weight of up to 400 pounds.

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  • Great for camping, backpacking, traveling, backyard fun and other types of rugged adventures
  • It comes with all the necessary cords and carabiners
  • Large enough to accommodate couples comfortably

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  • Hard to use this hammock above the tree line
  • Doesn’t come with a roof
  • Insulation is still a concern to many


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Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock


According to most campers, Skeeter Beeter Pro has been the entry experience into hammock camping for many years.

Its features make it a great heavy duty inclusion to your camping gear gives it the best score.

This hammock is made from 100% nylon fabric with a triple-stitched reinforcement that boosts its strength, besides making it very comfortable and highly resilient.

One fascinating feature about this hammock is how Grand Trunk has designed it with a No-See-Um mesh mosquito net that allows you sleep without having to worry about mosquitos and bugs.

The double-sided zippers are available to seal you inside the hammock securely.

The ability to flip the hammock over is an added advantage since it can also be used as a normal hammock without the net.

It’s comfortable to sleep on, and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, making it suitable for heavy duty outdoor activities.

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  • Equipped with a mosquito net to keep you safe from mosquitos and bugs
  • The 100% parachute nylon is of a high quality and very durable
  • Hanging (setting up) is easy, thanks to the ultra-light and secure carabiners

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  • Doesn’t come with a rainfly
  • The mosquito netting sags close to the face, which can be so annoying
  • The storage pockets are useless


Brand #4 Legit Camping

Legit Camping is a Texas-based corporation that specializes in trendy gear for camping and traveling particularly camping hammocks, accessories and other outdoor gears. Their trendy gear brand is aimed at young adventurers who love engaging in outdoor activities.

Obviously, the convenience of your budget is the greatest concern when buying a hammock, Legit Camping’s hammocks won’t disappoint in this regard as they are affordable and still offer the same level of comfort.

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Legit Camping – Double Hammock


Away from being a great hammock for young adventurers, Legit Camping Double Hammock has enormously contributed to revolutionizing how we camp and hike.

It is a brightly colored and quality 210T nylon camping hammock that is large enough to accommodate two people, having a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds.

This outdoor hammock is lightweight and portable since it comes with a small sack that it fits in perfectly. Setting it up is easy since it comes with carabiners, rope, and straps.

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  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Portable as it weighs 1.2 pounds and comes with a small packing sack

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  • Many people have complained about its short straps
  • The straps are difficult to adjust
  • Doesn’t come with a stand


Brand #5 Bear Butt

Founded in 2015 Bear Butt has managed to establish itself as a brand that makes good hammocks for couples. Their hammocks can be used for camping, hiking, and traveling.

Bear Butt’s hammocks are good quality and offer protection you protection from dangerous elements.

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Bear Butt Double Hammock


This is Bear Butt’s most popular hammock. It has been made from the highly durable 75D nylon taffeta fabric with a 210 thread count, which ranks the hammock the best regarding stability and strength.

At a weight of 1 pound, this hammock can support up to 500 pounds and has legally been tested for 900 pounds.

At a length of 9ft and width of 6 ft, this double hammock is spacious enough to accommodate two adults comfortably with enough room to spread out.

It also comes with carabiners, straps, and ropes, among other accessories, making it easy to set up and best for different types of outdoor activities.

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  • Has the best weight capacity at 500 pounds compared to other hammocks at 400 pounds
  • Straps are sturdy and lockable
  • Best durability, with a lifetime warranty

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  • Its pair of carabiners is heavy
  • The ropes are short
  • Some people find it comfortable for solo usage, rather than being used by two people


How To Choose The Best Hammock?

We all count on hammocks to provide us with a secure place to rest and sleep out in the wilderness. However, choosing a hammock is not as easy as it appears since it goes beyond comfort and security.

Most of the factors involved can easily be ignored by someone buying their first one, only to regret when you’ll be hanging uncomfortably in the wilderness.

This guide takes you through the fundamental considerations that go into purchasing your hammock.

Suspension System

You can never speak of the quality of the hammock without recognizing the quality of its suspension system. After all, hammocks need to be secured firmly to the trees or poles.

The suspension systems should have excellent strength to strongly support your entire body weight when suspended between two solid points.

Nowadays, the suspension systems have been narrowed down to a combination of a pair of carabiners and straps. Some manufacturers do include these, while others sell the system as a separate accessory.

So ensure you check this out before purchasing. The available options consist of nylon ropes, synthetic tree slings, and webbing straps.

For nylon ropes and synthetic tree slings, you need to beware of overly stretchy ropes that could swing you to the ground. On straps, the longer and the more attachments points they have, the better.

Webbing straps have to be wider than 3/4″ to prevent the risk of damaging the tree when weighted.

Quality of the Stitching

This is often narrowed down to strength, durability and the aesthetic value. A hammock’s stitching quality has a lot to say about its strength since knowing the amount of stitching is essential to understand your weight limits.

A double stitched hammock is good and can support enough body weight. Most premium hammock brands have gone to greater lengths of using triple stitching on their seams to make their hammocks strong for all types of camping duties.

Single stitched hammocks should be used carefully without exceeding weight limits.

Away from the quality of stitching, it comes down to the materials quality. Here you’ll mostly choose between cotton hammocks and nylon hammocks.

Cotton hammocks have an attractive design due to the weaving but have a poor performance in wet environments. On the other hand, nylon hammocks have an excellent performance in moist environments.

The Comfort Factor

The comfort factor has a lot to do with the hammock’s size (length and width), not forgetting to identify its versatility. Larger hammocks offer a cozier feeling when compared to their smaller counterparts.

Most campers and outdoor enthusiasts find it a worthy investment to go for the large hammocks since support is imperative.

And if you’re planning on sharing the hammock, you’ll want to ensure the capacity is large enough to accommodate an extra person comfortably.

Other layers of comfort factor depend on the hammocks material, which demands you to ensure the actual fabric is soft and breathable. It’s also important to make sure that the hammock can comfortably accommodate a sleeping pad or a hammock mattress for a cozier experience.

Some hammocks are also designed to protect you from wind, bugs, rain, and cold.


Hammocks come at pocket-friendly prices, and you don’t to shell out a fortune to own one of the reputed brands.

If you’re planning to use your hammock extensively in different environments, it makes sense to make a noteworthy one-time investment.

My comprehensive list features all types of hammocks at different prices, and I bet you’ll find it so relevant and helpful.


Hammock weight is a vital factor especially when your outdoor events has a lot to do with camping trips. Hammocks can weigh as light as 7 ounces with others going up beyond 20 ounces. Light hammocks are often narrower than regular ones, so shop carefully.

You’ll also have to take note of the additional ounces that come with the suspension system and other additional accessories, to avoid having a heavy pack that may hinder your trips.


Nothing defines a great hammock than its insulation properties. A good insulation system will ensure you’ve got the right comfort factor and protection against harsh weather.

This comes down to the hammocks fabric and your purpose of using the hammock. There are hammocks made of light, breathable nylon that will keep you cool in summer.

Those made of cotton are also useful in different capacities, with their only shortcoming being the poor performance in wet environments.

To increase a hammocks insulation properties, you can use sleeping pads or under quilts.


You need the climbing grade carabiners, which are ideal for fixing and connecting to a suspension system.


Hammocks capacity is also a vital factor that should never be overlooked. As aforementioned, ensuring the hammock capacity is large enough to accommodate you comfortably is essential.

Hammocks come in different sizes: solo hammocks (for single use) and double hammock (which can accommodate two people). Many campers often go for double hammocks because they are large and offer more space to spread out when used by a single person.

You should also not forget about bud protection, tarps, and other essential accessories that are vital to making your hammock useful.


Hammocks have been known to offer several benefits to campers and fishing enthusiasts apart from affordable and lightweight. From my guide, it’s evident that top hammock brands have the best models for everyone.

Just know what you need, understand the vital factors and other personal preferences, and it will be easy to choose the right hammock for your camping needs.