Best Double Tent Cot - 2 Person

Best Double Tent Cot – 2 Person

It turns out the magic of double tent cots captures the hearts of campers and every outdoor enthusiast at large. Even better, the benefits of these particular tents go beyond protecting you from the wet, uneven ground to helping you avoid those sore backaches in the morning.

These tents are designed to combine the outdoor friendliness of a tent with the comfort of a good cot, which saves you from the inconvenience of carrying inflatable mattresses and sleeping pads so that you can make your trip more comfortable.

To learn more about the best double tent cots on the market today, check out our comprehensive buyers guide to some of the best available options. If you only need a double cot or backpacking lightweight cot.

Our Pick: Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot

Unfolded Dimensions: 84″L x 53″W x 51″H
Weight: 51 lbs
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

What We Like: The 11-inches elevation is important to keep the occupant high and dry; The build quality is strong and durable and can serve you well for several camping trips; Spacious to accommodate up to two adults

Not So Much: The heavy-duty fabric and frames make it heavy; Not recommended for camping under heavy downpours; You’ll need some basic skills to set it up, not a good option for first-timers

The Kamp-Rite double tent cot can never disappoint you if you’re looking for something to keep you high and dry.

It’s a perfect option for two individuals or as spacious accommodation for one, besides being designed to offer that comfortable experience during your excursion.

With an overall bed/tent size of 84″L x 53″W x 51″H and weight allowable of 500lbs, this ingenious piece of your camping gear offers enough sleeping and lounging comfort for up-to two grown-up adults, while keeping them 11 inches above the ground.

This ensures you stay off the ground for insulation and dampness, protecting you from the outside weather, water, and insects.

This 2 person tent cot from Kamp-Rite is made from the heavy-duty 190T polyester taffeta with fully taped seams that gives it great waterproofing and strength property to keep you dry from rain or snow.

It also features opening/closing zippers that are strategically located at both ends for easy access.

To ensure it holds up to 500lbs and still offer strong support, this double tent cot has a sturdy aluminum frame construction. The frames are well-designed for easy assembly and are lightweight to make the entire tent-cot system more portable.

It also comes with No-See-Um Mesh windows and doors for proper ventilation to keep you comfortable.

Also Great: Tangkula 2 Person Tent Cot

Unfolded Dimensions:  81″L x 46.5″W x 31″H
Weight: 40 lbs
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

What We Like: The mosquito and ventilation mesh is very useful; Combines essential feature thus saving campers from the need of carrying extra items

Not So Much: Relatively heavy; Poor ventilation with the windows closed; Condensation issues under hot environments

This Tanguka’s portable pop-up double tent-cot combination is suitable for several outdoor activities and you won’t need an extra pair of hands to set it up.

What’s amazing about this tent-cot system is the elevated ceiling formed from the two-poles X-structure and the awning set up with the rain fly.

The roof poles that give it an X-shaped structure create enough private shelter space for up to 2 adults, making it a convenient option for couples.

The tent’s fabric is made from the heavy-duty 450D PU-coated Oxford plus a 600D Waterproof oxford floor, which means occupants are assured of protection from most weather conditions.

The heavy-duty fabric also makes the entire tent-cot system strong and durable.

To make it an ideal choice for most campers, the large D-shaped opening on all sides are fitted with zippered flaps and mesh for easy access without disorganizing the inside furnishing.

Taking note of the mesh opening and all the sides, ventilation is taken very well so you shouldn’t have issues with airflow while mosquitos are held off.

It also comes with a bonus storage bag suitable for storing and keeping the system clean.

Also Great: Winterial Double Tent Cot

Unfolded Dimensions:  85″L x 46″W x 41″H
Weight: 44 lbs
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

What We Like: Quick and easy to set up; Stable and sturdy frames that keep you high and dry; Spacious sleeping and lounging space

Not So Much: Poor waterproofing; Not suitable for all wet and cold environments; The fabric is less durable compared to other models

The Winterial double cot tent is another excellent choice for the kids and couples.

It offers ample space for two grown-up adults to sleep and lounge in comfort well.

With a maximum allowable weight of 500lbs and a tent/cot size of 85” L x 46” W x 41” H you’ll have your comfortable moment’s without any blemishes.

Additionally, it’s made from heavy-duty nylon fabric to protect you under most weather conditions, besides making the entire system strong and durable under these weather conditions.

The tent comes with windows on all the sides with insect-free mesh lining for keeping off flying insects and allowing proper airflow in the tent. All the opening are well fitted with rain fly to close you in adverse weather conditions.

Then there’s a sturdy aluminum collapsible frame that can stand on different grounds and keep you high and dry.

It’s also designed to form an awning set up in front of the tent to prevent sun rays and showers from getting into the tent.

Also Great: Kamp Rite Compact Tent Cot

Unfolded Dimensions:  84″L x 55″W x 41″H
Weight: 42 lbs
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

What We Like: Heavy-duty frames and fiberglass poles for reliable support; No-See-Um Mesh to keep off mosquito and allow for proper airflow; Several interior storage pouches

Not So Much: Only recommended for occasional campers; Poor waterproofing properties

If you’re familiar with Kamp-Rite tents, then is important to understand that the Kamp-Rite Compact tent cot is an enlarged model of the popular one-person Kamp-Ritetent cot.

The only feature that stands out between the two is the 3-in-1 feature, which implies that you can use the tent and cot separately. This makes the system more versatile than most available models.

Kamp-Rite compact is yet another collapsible model with basic features that will suit all campers.

This collapsible frames offers a tent/cot size of 84″L x 55″W x 41″H and support up to 500lbs, which is enough sleeping and lounging space for two persons.

The tent is made out of the strong 190 TPU polyester fabric that protects and keeps you warm in mild weather conditions.
With fully taped seams, the fabric will serve you well by offering protection from light showers and the scorching sun, however, it’s not advised for use under heavy downpours and other adverse weather conditions.

The openings (doors) on both sides have the zippered rainfly that can be closed easily to keep you safe. It also uses fiberglass tent poles that work together with heavy-duty frames for reliable support on different grounds.

Another amazing feature of this tent-cot system is the 3-in-1 feature that lets you use the cot in other bigger tents in case you go camping with your family.

How To Decide On The Right Double Tent Cots

From a comfort and safety standpoint, double tent cots are designed to make your camping trip beautiful depending on the type you go for. This means choosing the right quality for comfort is of major importance to ensure you get the perfect fit.

To ease your shopping troubles, here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the best double tent cots.


If you’re looking for that perfect double tent cot, you’ll want to keep an eye on the fabric and perhaps the built quality. These cots are designed differently and made from different materials ranging from cotton to nylon materials for different properties.

Cotton is widely appreciated for its warmth, while the nylon material is widely used for being light and better waterproofing properties. Banked on this material variance, you’ll need to choose your ideal tent cot based on the quality of material and your preferences.


Tent cots also come in different sizes, depending on how many people it can accommodate. The more the tent can accommodate for sleeping, the bigger the size needed for comfortable nights in the wilderness.

You should, therefore, consider the exact dimension and maximum allowable weight to ensure the cot can accommodate the occupant(s) comfortably.


Away from the dimensions, you also need to make sure that the cot is lightweight for convenience and easy portability. You need to choose a tent cot that suits the type of camping trips you’ll be making to avoid straining your back when carrying it.


The tent cot’s frame ought to be strong and durable. The best cots have head-duty steel or aluminum alloy frames that can offer enough support for the cot’s load-bearing capacity. Make sure the frames are designed for hikers and campers, such that they don’t come with much weight which makes them easy to carry.

Usage and Comfort

Since your cot’s choice can ruin or make your camping adventure, it important to get whatever serves you right.

The build quality – fabric, stitching, and frames – should be strong enough with a maximum allowable weight capacity that accommodates your weight successfully. The cot’s quality is also meant to ensure that you get the best out of them in terms of security and comfort through your entire camping adventure.


You’ll also have to make sure the tent cot’s fabric comes with enough meshed windows for proper airflow. With enough ventilation, you’ll have an amazing camping experience when lounging and sleeping in your tent cot.

The cots tend to get stuffy which leads to condensation of the hot air that makes the cot humid.


Easy assembly and set up is among the primary things to take into consideration when choosing a tent cot. You need to spend the shortest time possible unpacking, assembling, and setting up the cot.


Different tent cots come at different prices. The prices differ depending on the brand, quality, and the extra features that vary between the models. This means you’ll need to set your priorities and preferences right basing them on the aforementioned factors as you look for the best double tent cot for your budget.

With the guide in mind, here’s a wide-ranging round-up of some of the market’s best double tent cots for any individual looking to add a sense of protection and comfort to their camping trips.


I would like to put an end to this comprehensive buyers guide/ review by picking out my favorite and best double tent cot – the Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot.

Compared to most models, the Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot is a great choice for any outdoor enthusiast looking for a more comfortable and protective shelter.

With an overall bed/tent size of 84″L x 53″W x 51″H and weight allowable of 500lbs, it offers ample space for two individuals. Even better it’s made from heavy-duty 190T polyester taffeta for protecting in different weather conditions.

All in all, it’s important to have your preferences right to ensure you settle for the right tent cot for your outdoor (camping) needs.

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